‘Anyone who gets through this and doesn’t consider throwing in their job for the life of a zoo-keeper must have made some truly excellent career choices.’

- Time Out

‘Great family viewing but watch out for a few macabre moments.’

- The Observer

‘The first in a two-part follow-up to the 2010 series charting life at London Zoo is every bit as interesting as its predecessor. Great family viewing…’

- The Observer

‘It is a real challenge not to enjoy this gentle, upbeat series focusing on the London and Whipsnade Zoos.’

- Time Out

‘It’s heartening to watch people who really love their jobs, so this returning series about London Zoo is a pleasure.’

- Time Out

‘It is hard to see how this two-parter can fail to be popular.’

- The Sunday Times

‘A tale of two environments, the captive and the wild.’

- The Metro

‘Best on the Box’

- The Sunday Mirror magazine


- The Sunday Times

‘Pick of the Day’

- Time Out

The Zoo Series 2

2 x 60’

UK Premiere 8pm, 29th July, 5th August 2012 on ITV1

Wild Pictures’ cameras return to ZSL London Zoo for a second series of the critically acclaimed The Zoo.  This series charts the highs and lows of life at the world-renowned 200-year-old institution.  We meet the larger than life characters, both humans and animals, who call the zoo their home.

Head bird keeper Adrian is under pressure to deliver a healthy batch of penguin chicks and monkey keeper Andrea is surprised to discover a newborn baby in the Colobus enclosure. Butterfly keeper Mark is helping rare species hatch every day and reptile keeper Ian welcomes back ZSL’s oldest living animal, Tank the Aldabran Giant Tortoise…

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann

Series Producer & Director: Jon Alwen

Producer: Lottie Gammon

Director: Sasha Djurkovic

Editors: Martin Thompson & Fred Hart

Composer: Stuart Earl

Narrator: Sarah Lancashire


Distributed by: TBC Media Rights


All Productions