Anne Robinson queries whether women in the era of Me Too and Times Up are becoming their own worst enemies in the fight for gender equality…she presents a willfully proactive thesis, but Robinson isn’t adverse to having her opinions challenged. Her visits to a primary school, to Brands Hatch ‘grid girls’ and to a mother of five who works full time while her husband does the childcare prove enlightening’.

- The Times

‘Thought-provoking and un-pretentious, this one-off show had something worth saying’.

- The Daily Mail

The Trouble with Women with Anne Robinson

1 x 60'

UK Premiere 9pm Thursday 14th June 2018 on BBC1

When Anne Robinson and women of her generation broke the glass ceiling 50 years ago she imagined that we’d be much further along the road to equality by now. In the light of MeToo, Times Up and recent revelations about the gender pay gap, Anne can’t help wondering whether women today have become too fragile..?

To explore this provocative view, she meets women right across the UK to find out – 100 years on from suffrage – what’s still preventing them from achieving equality and what women are doing to fight back…

Executive Producers: Dominique Walker and Paul Hamann
Produced & Directed by: Clare Richards
Editor: Tom Herington


Distributed by: Passion Distribution

Distribution Title: The Trouble With Women



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