The ups and downs of the crew of the Royal Princess in this fly-on-the-cabin-wall series have kept us anchored to our seats. As the ship heads to Gibraltar, there could be trouble as junior officer Lauren is now in charge of engineer husband Mike during her first shift commanding the bridge.

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Cruises may be luxurious for passengers, but this documentary is a fantastic insight into the hard work for the 1,400 staff on board the Royal Princess. First stop is Santorini in Greece and Timothy is dealing with lost luggage while Scott has the unenviable task of inspecting the toilet filters. All with a smile too. That’s dedication.

- The Sun

A perky, six-part docusoap following passengers and crew on board the luxury cruise liner the Royal Princess as it journey from Greece to the French Riviera. we join at the start of the five-month summer season and follow Lauren a new Officer who’s never worked on a ship this large or complex. Can she make the grade? WATCH FOR the unending list of unpalatable jobs for the poor souls on front desk ‘We’ve had a passenger vomit in one of the sinks.’

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The Cruise: Sailing the Mediterranean

6 x 30'

UK Premiere 8.30pm Thursdays 12th, 19th, 26th January & 2nd, 9th, 16th February 2017 on ITV1

With unique access to one of the world’s largest luxury cruise ships, this popular returning Wild Pictures’ series follows life on board for the crew of 1,400 who live and work on the Royal Princess: from battling leaks to seeking promotions and from tense navigational challenges to trying to wow the crowds in the on board theatre.

With medical centre crises, emergencies on the bridge, a wedding and a daredevil new trick for the on board magicians, we follow all the daily dramas as they unfold for the 3,500 passengers on their voyage around the Mediterranean from Greece to the French Riviera …

Executive Producers: Alicia Kerr and Paul Hamann
Series Producer & Director: Nicola Bathurst
Series Director: Caroline Menzies
Editors: Matt Briggs, Chris Beresford and Simon Battersby
Narrated by: Hugh Bonneville


Distributed by: TCB Media Rights as 60’ durations

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