The refreshing thing about this series has been that Margolyes hasn’t always kept her head in the name of “balance”; but these are emotional times and this has been an emotional journey…

- The Guardian

Miriam Margolyes makes a fearless TV reporter driven by a compassion and a curiosity that puts many so called professional reporters to shame…

- The Observer

Miriam Margolyes makes for TV gold on this US road trip

- The Sun

It’s as if everyone’s favourite grandmother has swallowed Louis Theroux

- Sunday Times

Her inability to give a stuff has made Margolyes a national treasure

- Daily Star


- FT Weekend


- Daily Mirror


- Daily Mail


- Daily Express


3 x 60'

UK Premiere 9pm Wednesdays 3rd, 10th & 24th January 2018 on BBC1

In this brand new series the inimitable Miriam Margolyes embarks on an epic road trip through the heartlands of Middle America.

Articulate, funny and refreshingly honest, Miriam’s adventure takes her almost a thousand miles from Chicago to New Orleans as she meets the people whose voices and votes are reshaping the nation. From summer camps to county jails and all-girl motorbike gangs to a mass citizenship ceremony, she embeds in communities whose visions of their country challenge everything she thought she knew about America.

Executive Producers: Alicia Kerr and Paul Hamann
Produced & Directed by:  Will Yapp and Ian Denyer
Series Producer/Director: Simon Draper
Editor: Gwyn Jones
Narrated by: Julian Barratt


Distributed by: FremantleMedia Limited

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