This was the sort of documentary that, was mesmerising because it affects everyone. We are all potential victims at this very moment; hundreds of attacks are made on the banking system every second…

- The Times

Detectives hunt crooks behind hundreds of credit card thefts, find corrupt bank staff and pursue a gang who have stolen £3 million from cash machines. Scary stuff.


Fraud: How They Steal Your Bank Account is a tense account of how sets of criminals were spotted, surveilled and eventually detained by assiduous teamwork…

- FT Weekend

Fraud: How They Steal Your Bank Account

1 x 60’

UK Premiere 9 pm Thursday 21st March 2019 on ITV1

Organised crime steals £2 million from our accounts every day. With exclusive access to a specialist police unit, Fraud: How They Steal Your Bank Account trails detectives on high stakes surveillance and arrest operations. In this dramatic film, they hunt down the gangs behind Britain’s fastest growing crime, fraud. Detectives uncover the corrupt bank insiders selling our account details, secretly track a gang stealing hundreds of credit cards and tackle an international crime syndicate who’ve stolen over £3 million from Britain’s cash machines.

Executive Producers: Tom Anstiss and Paul Hamann
Produced and Directed by: Jonathan Low
Narrated by: Shaun Dooley


Distribution title: Fraud: How They Steal Your Bank Account

Distributed by: TCB Media Rights

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