‘Critic’s Choice’

- The Independent

Dirty Britain
Series 1

2 x 60’

UK Premiere 9pm, 15th, 22nd May 2012 on ITV1

The dirty secrets about the way modern Brits live are revealed by the filthy work of the men and women who clean up after us. Dirty Britain exposes the remarkable things found behind the nation’s front doors. From the domestic maids who are expected to maintain an obsessive standard of cleanliness to the pest controller faced with a home that has been overrun by pigeons.

Dirty Britain also follows a pair of Manchester sewer men with firsthand knowledge of the nation’s poor diet and two window cleaners with the terrifying task of keeping a huge national icon absolutely spotless.

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann

Series Producer & Director: Barnaby Peel

Producer/Director: Deborah Lovett

Editors: Graham Taylor & Dermot O’Brien

Photography: Owen Scurfield, Jeremy Read, Mike James & Tom Swindell

Composer: Justin Nichols

Narrator: Zoë Wanamaker


Distributed by: TBC Media Rights


All Productions