‘A tender three part series, where although no miracles, there is love and hope.’

- Radio Times

‘Hard going but eye opening.’  

- TV Times

‘Pick of the Day’

- The Guardian

‘Best on the Box’

- Sunday Mirror

Baby Hospital

3 x 60’

UK Premiere 9pm 14th, 21st, 28th June 2011 on ITV1

Every parent wants to have a healthy, happy baby. But every year, thousands of parents have to confront the reality of what happens when a birth goes wrong.

Baby Hospital is an emotional and heart-wrenching journey inside the world of the Liverpool Women’s Hospital, the largest obstetric and neo-natal unit in the country.

We follow the highly-specialised work involved in saving often tiny babies; how babies are ‘plumbed in’ to life support systems using the remains of the umbilical cord…the cord that once linked them to their mothers, inside the womb. But we also discover what cutting edge medicine can and cannot achieve.

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann

Series Producer & Director: Lynn Alleway

Filmed, produced & directed by: Holly Challinor

Editor: James Calderwood & Frank Burgess

Director of Photography: Steve Standen

Composer: Jim Copperwaithe

Narrator: Sue Johnston


Distributed by: TBC Media Rights


All Productions