‘One of the best documentaries of the year and one of the most important.’

- The Observer

The film opts for a disconcertingly elegant, almost lyrical style, making the central outrage all the more haunting.’

- Financial Times

‘The film is a sobering indictment of male-run religious culture.’

- The Independent

‘Pick of the Day’

- The Observer, The Independent

Execution of a Teenage Girl

1 x 60’

UK Premiere 9pm 27th July 2006 on BBC Two

Atefah Sahaaleh was just sixteen when Iranian authorities hanged her in public for ‘crimes against chastity’.

As with the other fourteen young women currently on death row in Iran for charges of sex outside marriage, the Iranian authorities tried to cover up the real and shocking facts of her case. But some in Iran were determined to get the truth out, despite great risk to themselves.

This film uses witness testimony and drama reconstruction from eyewitness accounts to piece together a story the Iranian regime never wanted you to hear…

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann

Producer/Director: Monica Garnsey

Editor: Frank Burgess

Director of Photography: Simon Ffrench

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‘Film-maker Richard Denton is given access to the Kremlin in a way that would have been unheard of ten years ago.’

- The Times

‘Critic’s Choice’

- The Sunday Times

‘Pick of the Day’

- Daily Mail

Putin’s Palace

1 x 60'

UK Premiere 9pm 11th May 2006 on BBC Two

Twenty years after documentary maker Richard Denton first went to Russia, he returns to film inside the Kremlin as Putin nears the end of his controversial Presidency.

From the urbane spin doctor, Dimitri, all the way down to Konstantin, a soldier in the Presidential Regiment, Denton meets the people who work for the President at a time when there are scandals inside the Russian army. British diplomats are accused of spying and Putin himself prepares for the biggest press conference in history. Meanwhile Russians are beginning to ask the question: after Putin, who will be the next President of Russia?

Executive Producer: Paul Hamann

Producer/Director: Richard Denton

Editor: Richard Fretwell

Director of Photography: Simon Ffrench


Distributed by: BBC Worldwide



Distribution Title: Secrets of the Kremlin

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